Late Models Getting Great Support Numbers This Weekend

With only days now until the green flag drops on the 16th Lucas Oil Australian Late Model Championship, those race fans that attend at the weekend are in for quite the treat with strong fields entered across all divisions on both nights of competition.

Despite a couple of teams suffering some serious damage at the weekend and putting their Title preparations into crisis mode, an incredible field of 50 Late Models are entered for the two nights of racing.

Night One will consist of time trials for the Late Models, along with two rounds of heat races before Twin A-Mains are contested (for championship points) to conclude the opening nights program.

The Super Rods with a solid entry list of 16 cars for the Friday night will also put on some excellent racing.

A full list of the Super Rod entrants is listed below.

Saturday night will see the Late Models return for a third round of heats as well as a Poole Shuffle for the top eight in points as well as the Championship C, B and A-Mains, with the A-Main to decide the 2017 Australian Championship set down for decision over 40 laps.

Also on the program will be two prestigious events in-their-own-right as the Junior Sedans battle it out for the 2017 Neville Pike Cup while the Street Stocks have attracted a very strong field of entries for their annual Go Switch Go event.

The full list of entries for the Juniors, both A and B Grade are also listed below along with the Street Stock entrants.

Late Models:

1. X4 David Robertson NSW
2. S4 Stuey Hill SA
3.W4 Brent Vosbergen WA
4.S5 Luke Raymond SA
5.T6 Brad Smith TAS
6.N6 Bruce Mackenzie NSW
7.V8 Fiona Verhoeven VIC
8.W8 Craig Vosbergen WA
9. V9 Kristin Vermeulen New Zealand/Vic
10. N9 Clayton Pyne NSW
11. V10 Cameron Pearson VIC
12. S10 Mat Crimmins SA
13. N11 Nathan Disney NSW
14. V12 Brock Edwards VIC
15. N12 Darryl Grimson NSW
16. V14 Zak Calderwood VIC
17. N19 Todd Bayley NSW
18. W19 Simon McNabb WA
19. AX21 Chevy Edwards VIC
20. S21 Darryle Launer SA
21. T22 Callum Harper TAS
22. Q22 Aaron Van Zeeland QLD
23. V23 Brendan Hucker VIC
24. N24 Wade Carter NSW
25. V25 Daniel Barton VIC
26. N25 David Doherty NSW
27. V26 Gary Bryans VIC
28. N26 Anthony Yvsma NSW
29. N29 Ryan French NSW
30. W31 Paul Stubber WA
31. V32 Wayne Belk VIC
32. Q35 Carter Armstrong QLD
33. Q36 Darren Kane QLD
34. S36 Ryan Alexander SA
35. V40 Mick Hetherington VIC
36. N41 Tim Bink NSW
37. W41 Kye Blight WA
38. W50 Veronica McCann WA
39. W51 Jamie Oldfield WA
40. W52 Jay Cardy WA
41. S67 Steve Vaughan SA
42. N65 Barry Kelleher NSW
43. N67 Ed Borg NSW
44. Q77 Steve Van Zeeland QLD
45. W84 Chris Pavlovich WA
46. W91 Michael Holmes WA
47. N91 Dean Hickey NSW
48. AX97 Tim McPherson VIC
49. Q99 Brett Watson QLD
50. N99 Ben Nicastri NSW

Super Rod Nominations for Friday February 24, 2017:

1. S9 Darryl Nelson
2. W13 Andrew Howard
3. W21 Troy Gleeson
4. M22 Corey Deglaitis
5. S26 Alex Bath
6. AV33 Peter Jenkins
7. G39 Craig Devlin
8. M41 Jason Kavenagh
9. L46 Neville Simper
10. W51 Leigh Podger
11. W55 Michael Coad
12. L56 Michael Gange
13. W84 Paul Verhoeven
14. W88 Howard Stansfield
15. S95 David Duynhoven
16. W98 Ewan McKenzie

Junior Sedan A Grade Neville Pike Cup Entries:

1. A1 Angus Hollis
2. H4 Todd Atkins
3. P4 Jesse Ryan
4. W7 Darcy Micallef
5. A8 Caleb Lincoln
6. A14 Nick Cherry
7. A15 Ricky Cornwell
8. W15 Nick Catley
9. W21 Jack Tanner
10. A23 Tim Gorski
11. P23 Jamie Pumpa
12. A24 Jeremy Gorski
13. M25 Ricky Clarke
14. H26 Nikita Ansell
15. HL27 Connor Donegan
16. W29 Darcy Giblin
17. W32 Jackson VanGinneken
18. H38 Caitlyn Worthy
19. L38 Kade McDowell
20. H46 Jye Irving
21. W55 Ben Micallef
22. N57 Zoe Young
23. A62 Kasey Garlick
24. A75 Colby Lunt
25. A76 Jackson Lunt
26. A84 Courtney Meakins
27. A94 Tyler Barton

Junior Sedan B Grade Entries:

1. M4 Tahlia Ahearn
2. B5 Darcy Wilson
3. SH5 Bradin Claridge
4. B18 Bella Rizzoli
5. M18 Kasey Ferguson
6. M27 Ingrid Bellman
7. M35 Cody Reed
8. A85 Rhys Meakins

Street Stock Go Switch Go Entries:

1. RDL0 Mick Dann
2. M4 Morris Ahearn
3. RDL4 Dean Jenkins
4. C5 Darren Matthews
5. W5 Steven Watts
6. B11 Dave Missen
7. M12 Dale Hannabury
8. DDA13 Jaidyn Dredge
9. G14 Daniel Brittain
10. C18 Ricky Throckmorton
11. N21 Russell Hill
12. W21 Dan Kelly
13. MDA22 Corey Sandow
14. AV24 Brad McClure
15. RDL25 Jamie Crutchley
16. G29 Ashley Fox
17. C36 Stuey Robinson
18. RDL37 Darryl Atkinson
19. RDL38 Scott Purdie
20. RDL39 Mark Purdie
21. W42 Chris Hay
22. BGO43 Jamie Lock
23. SA46 Anthony Beare
24. B48 Michael Clark
25. G51 Steve Hardie
26. M57 Troy Hose
27. AV59 Chris Suiter
28. B62 Jayden Blomeley
29. RDL63 Darren Paisley
30. AV65 Andrew Williams
31. C66 Belinda McCoubrie
32. RDL77 Peter Crutchley
33. MDA79 Wade Fell
34. AX81 Dylan Campton
35. S82 Shane Roycroft
36. C83 David Barrie
37. S83 John Roycroft
38. SA87 Jayden Edwards
39. C96 Rocky Grima.

Tickets for the 16th Lucas Oil Australian Late Model Championship can be pre-purchased (excludes pit admission tickets) from or will be available at the gate on each of the race days.

Racing will commence on both Friday and Saturday from 5.00pm with the pubic gates open from 4.00pm.

Twitter: @sungoldstadium
Facebook: Premier Speedway
Instagram: @premierspeedway

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