Premier Speedway Ticketing & Pricing Update

With the 2017-18 Speedway season now literally just, a matter of weeks away, the Premier Speedway Club, Warrnambool is again preparing everything in readiness for what promises to be another exciting season.

With time honored events such as the 46th Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic, World Series Sprintcars Speedweek and the Easter Sprintcar Trail all complimented by events such as Max’s Race, The Victorian Speedcar Title, Super Rod Cup, Junior Sedan features, Late Models, the Formula 500 Jack Willsher Cup and Speedweek Series along with the return of Super Sedans, 360 Sprintcars and Modified Production it promises to be a busy one!

Already the Club’s office and social media pages are being inundated with enquiry as to when Ticket Sales will commence for the 46th Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic.

With seasonal seat sales now finalised, Premier Speedway’s ticketing partner Click- Tix will swing into action ahead of the tickets becoming available on-line from Mid to Late October.

“We are thrilled that our Fans want to know when the tickets go on-line, however we ask that everyone refrain from attempting to log in, until we officially announce that ticket sales are ready to go”, Premier Speedway General Manager David Mills said.

“This isn’t so much for our benefit, or for the benefit of Click-Tix as opposed to the Race Fan, as experience tells us that those that attempt to enter the ticketing site ahead of the launch, are those that experience issues, due to information sent to their server when the tickets do actually come on-line”, he added.

“We will be sure to announce the launch date via our-website and Facebook page as that date approaches. As with all other seasons, it will be around the Mid to late October time-frame Mills said.

In some other exciting news, the April 14, 2018 meeting which is scheduled to feature the return of the Super Sedan division along with 360 Sprintcars and Modified Production will now be promoted as “Family Night” with an extremely Family Friendly General Admission Charge of $30.00 for a family of Two Adults and up to three Children being admitted.

Single Adult admission will also be heavily discounted to just $15.00, while Children 10 to 15 will also be admitted for just $5.00.

This will be a Walk-Up Ticket event only with no-online sales available prior to the event.

“We as a Club are aware that the Punter on the Hill, our Fans, go to great lengths to support us as a venue, which in turn supports the racers no matter which division they compete in. With that in mind we felt there was no better way than by putting on what will be a great night of racing at an even more Family Friendly price”, Mills concluded.

Another recent change to the pricing structure at Premier Speedway is the return of a Concession Discount for Aged and Disability Concession Card Holders as well as Veterans Affairs Card Holders.

This concession will only be available to these card types, with the card needing to be presented at the Ticket Box to activate the discount. Concession tickets will not be available on-line.

“We made some changes to the Concession Pricing 12 or 18 months ago and the Punters spoke so we listened. We feel like the walk-up only option is a great compromise as it was the attempted fraudulent activity, with the on-line ticketing, of some that ruined it for the majority and prompted our initial reaction. The Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic, as our Blue-Ribbon event will not be inclusive of the new Concession Ticketing, while the already heavily discounted April 14 meeting will also not apply. Companion cards will, as they have always been, be accepted as well”, Mills concluded.

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