Murcott Does It Again To Win Max's Race - Quick Results


Time Trial Group One: V40 Rusty Hickman 10.665, S20 Glen Sutherland 10.715, V52 Darren Mollneoyux 10.730

Time Trial Group Two: V90 Corey McCullagh, V88 David Murcott 10.904, V37 Grant Anderson.

Time Trial Group Three: Q83 Steven Lines 11.377, T7 Tim Hutchins 11.384, N92 Sam Walsh 11.431.

Time Trial Group Four: W17 James McFadden 11.868, V70 John Vogels 12.016, N47 Marcus Dumesny 12.036.

Heat One: 1st V40 Rusty Hickman; 2nd W2 Kerry Madsen; 3rd V67 Luke Walker

Heat Two: 1st V90 Corey McCullagh; 2nd V88 David Murcott; 3rd V37 Grant Anderson

Heat Three: 1st T7 Tim Hutchins; 2nd V35 Jamie Veal; 3rd Q83 Steven Lines

Heat Four: 1st N47 Marcus Dumesny 2nd W17 James McFadden; 3rd V17 Dennis Jones

Heat Five: 1st V25 Jack Lee; 2nd VA81 Rhys Baxter; 3rd V88 David Murcott

Heat Six: 1st V72 Jake Smith; 2nd V81 Robbie Paton; 3rd V98 Peter Doukas

Heat Seven: 1st V44 Tim Van Ginneken; 2nd V35 Jamie Veal; 3rd W17 James McFadden

Heat Eight: 1st V17 Dennis Jones; 2nd T22 Jock Goodyer; 3rd N92 Sam Walsh.

Top Eight Shoot-Out:

Bronze: 1. V35 Jamie Veal 12.168; 2. V17 Dennis Jones 12.229; 3. N47 Marcus Dumesny 12.244; 4. T7 Tim Hutchins 12.376.

Silver: 1. Q83 Steven Lines 12.055; 2. V35 Jamie Veal 12.087; 3. V88 David Murcott 12.176; 4. V17 Dennis Jones 12.545.

Gold: 1. V40 Rusty Hickman 12.120; 2. Q83 Steven Lines 12.178; 3. W17 James McFadden 12.266; 4. V35 Jamie Veal 12.289.

Sprintcar B-Main (6 Transfer to A-Main): 1st NS4 Max Johnston; 2nd N57 Mathew Dumesny; 3rd V44 Tim van Ginneken; 4th VA81 Rhys Baxter; 5th N43 Alex Orr; 6th T22 Jock Goodyer.

Sprintcar A-Main (35 laps 7:58.309): 1st V88 David Murcott; 2nd W17 James McFadden; 3rd V35 Jamie Veal; 4th V40 Rusty Hickman; 5th N92 Sam Walsh; 6th Q83 Steven Lines; 7th T7 Tim Hutchins; 8th W2 Kerry Madsen; 9th N47 Marcus Dumesny; 10th V37 Grant Anderson; 11th V52 Darren Mollenoyux; 12th V90 Corey McCullagh; 13th V70 John Vogels; 14th V17 Dennis Jones; 15th V44 Tim Van Ginneken; 16th V98 Peter Doukas; 17th NS4 Max Johnston; 18th N43 Alex Orr; 19th V25 Jack Lee; 20th N57 Mathew Dumesny; 21st VA81 Rhys Baxter; 22nd S20 Glen Sutherland; 23rd T22 Jock Goodyer; 24th V67 Luke Walker.

(Start Order: 1. V40; 2. Q83; 3. W17; 4. V35; 5. V88; 6. V17; 7. N47; 8. T7; 9. V90; 10. N92; 11. V70; 12. S20; 13. W2; 14. V98; 15. V67; 16. V25; 17. V37; 18. V52; 19. NS4; 20. N57; 21. V44; 22. VA81; 23. N43; 24. T22.

Lap Leaders: 1-4 V40 Rusty Hickman; 5-6 Q83 Steven Lines; 7-8 V40 Rusty Hickman; 9-12 Q83 Steven Lines; 13 W17 James McFadden; 14-28 V88 David Murcott; 29-31 W17 James McFadden; 32-35 V88 David Murcott.

Late Models:

Heat One: 1st V10 Cameron Pearson; 2nd S67 Steve Vaughan; 3rd V3 Mick Nicola

Heat Two: 1st V23 Brendan Hucker; 2nd V10 Cameron Pearson; 3rd V31 James Cornfoot

Heat Three: 1st AX21 Chevy Edwards; 2nd V3 Mick Nicola; 3rd S67 Steve Vaughan

A-Main:1. V3 Mick Nicola; 2. V10 Cameron Pearson; 3. AX21 Chevy Edwards; 4. V31 James Cornfoot; 5. V23 Brendan Hucker; V12 Brock Edwards; 7. V0 Danny Amato; 8. NZ12 Kristen Vermuelen; 9. S8 Fiona Verhoeven; 10. Q9 Brett Wilson; 11. T6 Brad Smith; 12. S67 Steve Vaughan; 13. V9 Shane Belk; 14. V17 Will Lamb.

The next meeting at Sungold Stadium, Premier Speedway, Warrnambool will be held on Saturday December 29, 2018 and will feature Round 3 of QSS World Series Sprintcars as a part of Speedweek. V8 Dirt Modifieds will also be on the program.