Premier Speedway January 1 WSS Quick Results


Time Trial Flight One:

1. W2 Kerry Madsen 11.411; 2. V35 Jamie Veal 11.482; 3. V67 Luke Walker 11.499; 4. S78 Keke Falland 11.525; 5. S20 Glen Sutherland 11.548; 6. V25 Jack Lee 11.550; 7. V88 David Murcott 11.559; 8. V52 Darren Mollenoyux 11.565; 9. W80 James Inglis 11.599; 10. Q23 Lachlan McHugh 11.616; 11. V60 Jordyn Charge 11.651; 12. V98 Peter Doukas 11.739; 13. T22 Jock Goodyer 11.744; 14. S14 Brendan Quinn 11.745; 15. V37 Grant Anderson 11.781; 16. V2 Domain Ramsay 11.805; 17. S41 Adrian Cottrell 11.839; 18. T7 Tim Hutchins 11.921; 19 V72 Jacob Smith 11.949; 20. V17 Dennis Jones 11.982; 21. NT9 Danny Porter 11.984; 22. VA88 Grant Stansfield 12.049. \

Time Trial Flight Two:

1. W26 Cory Eliason 11.324; 2. Q83 Steven Lines 11.606; 3. V42 Jye O’Keeffe 11.622; 4. W17 James McFadden 11.644; 5. S19 Brad Keller 11.779; 6. V55 Brooke Tatnell 11.813; 7. T62 Tate Frost 11.822; 8. S81 Luke Dillon 11.848; 9. S72 Chad Ely 11.853; 10. V45 Mike Van Bremen 11.959; 11. S15 Aidan Hall; 12. V92 Matthew Reed 11.963; 13. V40 Rusty Hickman 11.984; 14. V90 Corey McCullagh 11.990; 15. V70 John Vogels 12.005; 16. S13 Brock Hallett 12.046; 17. Q77 Jayden Peacock 12.079; 18. S63 Ryan Jones 12.1112; 19. Q54 Randy Morgan 12.170; 20. W97 Mitch Wormall 12.372; 21. Q14 Jason Pryde 12.486; 22. V50 Darren Clarke 12.902.

Heat One: 1st W2 Kerry Madsen; 2nd T22 Jock Goodyer; 3rd V2 Domain Ramsay.

Heat Two: 1st V37 Grant Anderson; 2nd V88 David Murcott; 3rd S14 Brendan Quinn.

Heat Three: 1st V40 Rusty Hickman; 2nd S19 Brad Keller; 3rd W26 Cory Eliason.

Heat Four: 1st V70 John Vogels; 2nd V90 Corey McCullagh; 3rd V55 Brooke Tatnell.

Heat Five: 1st V98 Peter Doukas; 2nd W80 James Inglis; 3rd V60 Jordyn Charge.

Heat Six: 1st V2 Domain Ramsay; 2nd V37 Grant Anderson; 3rd S14 Brendan Quinn.

Heat Seven: 1st S72 Chad Ely; 2nd S81 Luke Dillon; 3rd V55 Brooke Tatnell.

Heat Eight: 1st S15 Aidan Hall; 2nd V40 Rusty Hickman; 3rd V92 Matthew Reed.

Top Eight Shoot-Out:

Bronze: 1. Q83 Steven Lines 11.183; 2. V40 Rusty Hickman 11.236; 3. S19 Bradley Keller 11.274; 4. V67 Luke Walker 11.386.

Silver: 1. W26 Cory Eliason 11.041; 2. Q83 Steven Lines 11.169; 3. V55 Brooke Tatnell 11.303; 4. V40 Rusty Hickman 11.342.

Gold: 1. W26 Cory Eliason 11.065; 2. Q83 Steven Lines 11.164; 3. W2 Kerry Madsen 11.171; 4. V35 Jamie Veal 11.201.

Sprintcar C-Main (Top 3 Transfer to B-Main) 1. Q77 Jayden Peacock; 2. W97 Mitch Wormall; 3. NT9 Danny Porter; 4. Q54 Randy Morgan; 5. VA88 Grant Stansfield; 6. W14 Jason Pryde; 7. V50 Darren Clarke; 8. S41 Adrian Cottrell; 9. V72 Jacob Smith; 10. V45 Mike Van Bremen.

Sprintcar B-Main (Top 4 Transfer to A-Main): 1st T22 Jock Goodyer; 2nd V98 Peter Doukas; 3rd V2 Domain Ramsay; 4th V88 David Murcott; 5th V70 John Vogels; 6th V25 Jack Lee; 7th Q77 Jayden Peacock; 8th T7 Tim Hutchins; 9th Q23 Lachlan McHugh; 10th S63 Ryan Jones; 11th NT9 Danny Porter; 12th T62 Tate Frost; 13th V92 Matthew Reed; 14th S20 Glen Sutherland; 15th S14 Brendan Quinn; 16th W97 Mitch Wormall; 17th V90 Corey McCullagh; 18th V60 Jordyn Charge.

Sprintcar A-Main (35 laps No Time): 1st W17 James McFadden; 2nd W26 Cory Eliason; 3rd Q83 Steven Lines; 4th W2 Kerry Madsen; 5th V52 Darren Mollenoyux; 6th V40 Rusty Hickman; 7th S19 Brad Keller; 8th V35 Jamie Veal; 9th V37 Grant Anderson; 10th S81 Luke Dillon; 11th S72 Chad Ely; 12th V42 Jye O’Keeffe; 13th T22 Jock Goodyer; 14th W80 James Inglis; 15th V2 Domain Ramsay; 16th V55 Brooke Tatnell (DNF); 17th V67 Luke Walker (DNF); 18th V98 Peter Doukas (DNF); 19th V88 David Murcott (DNF); 20th S15 Aidan Hall (DNF).

(Start Order: 1. W26; 2. Q83; 3. W2; 4. V35; 5. V55; 6. V40; 7. S19; 8. V67; 9. W17; 10. S81; 11. V42; 12. V52; 13. S15; 14. W80; 15. V37; 16.S72; 17. T22; 18. V98; 19. V2; 20. V88.

Lap Leaders: 1-32 W26 Cory Eliason 33-35 W17 James McFadden

Junior Sedan Neville Pike Cup:

A Grade:

Heat One: 1st W5 Ben Micallef; 2nd AV8 Mitch Glynn; 3rd SA54 Ryan Harry

Heat Two: 1st W7 Darcy Micallef; 2nd W5 Ben Micallef; 3rd H11 Todd Atkins

Heat Three: 1st AV8 Mitch Glynn; 2nd H11 Todd Atkins; 3rd L11 Kasey Ferguson.

A-Main:1. AV8 Mitch Glynn; 2. AX62 Kasey Garlick; 3. W7 Darcy Micallef; 4. AX11 Chloe Sherrman; 5. W5 Ben Micallef; 6. AX99 Harry Orme; 7. L11 Kasey Ferguson; 8. SA54 Ryan Harry; 9. P23 Jamie Pumpa; 10. P88 Peter Monaro; 11. M17 Cody Reed; 12. P78 Cody Compton; 13. SH7 Brayden Claridge; 14. L18 Rhys Buck; 15. AX10 Bree Simpson (DNF); 16. AV12 Holly Harris.

B Grade:

Heat One: 1st L25 Jake Dooley; 2nd N19 Tenayah Barton; 3rd B33 Bailey Rumler.

Heat Two: 1st B4 Jaxon Vella; 2nd B33 Bailey Rumler; 3rd P95 Tanner Barclay.

Heat Three: 1st B4 Jaxon Vella; 2nd L25 Jake Dooley; 3rd N19 Tenayah Barton.

A-Main:1. B4 Jaxon Vella; 2. L25 Jake Dooley; 3. B33 Bailey Rumler; 4. P95 Tanner Barclay; 5. SH15 Lachie Bull; 6. SA88 Caitlyn Gilding; 7. AV46 Jacob Pitcher; 8. N19 Tenayah Barton; 9. SH6 Connor Claridge; 10. N51 Kiarna Barton; 11. M4 Tahlia Ahearn; 12. AX92 Seth Sloane; 13. SA89 Lindal Gilding.

The next meeting at Sungold Stadium, Premier Speedway, Warrnambool will be held on Sunday January 6, 2019 and will feature the Victorian Speedcar Title with 33 cars entered for this event.

Also on the program will be a huge field of Wingless Sprints for Round 3 of their Summer Slam Series as well as Formula 500’s.
Gates will open at 4pm with Racing to get underway at 5pm.
Tickets are available on-line until midnight Saturday and then at the gates from 4pm on Race Day.

Admission is Adults $20; Concession $20; Children 10-15 $10.00 with Children 9 and Under Free.