Mills Claims Victorian Speedcar Title (Quick Results)

Premier Speedway January 6, 2019 - Quick Results


Heat One: 1st S6 Harley Bishop; 2nd V11 Troy Jordan; 3rd N40 Dave Lambert.

Heat Two: 1st V10 Travis Mills; 2nd V0 Grant Patton; 3rd N89 Brayden Wilmington.

Heat Three: 1st N14 Nathan Smee; 2nd V39 Nick Parker; 3rd V15 Andy Pearce.

Heat Four: 1st V21 Adam Wallis; 2nd S7 Lee Redmond; 3rd S6 Harley Bishop.

Top Eight Shoot-Out:

Bronze: 1. N89 Brayden Willmington 12.845; 2. V21 Adam Wallis 13.094; 3. V0 Grant Patton 13.377; 4. S7 Lee Redmond 13.844.

Silver: 1 V10 Travis Mills 12.772; 2. N89 Brayden Willmington 12.862; 3. V21 Adam Wallis 13.015; 4. V39 Nick Parker 13.257.

Gold: 1. N89 Brayden Willmington 12.657; 2. N14 Nathan Smee 12.763; 3. V10 Travis Mills 12.782; 4. S6 Harley Bishop 13.298.

Speedcar A-Main (30 laps No Time): 1st V10 Travis Mills; 2nd N89 Brayden Willmington; 3rd S6 Harley Bishop; 4th V23 Matt Jackson; 5th V39 Nick Parker; 6th V21 Adam Wallis; 7th V17 Mitch Whiting; 8th V0 Grant Patton; 9th V20 Chris Nankiville; 10th V15 Andy Pearce; 11th V12 Justin McMinn; 12th N40 Dave Lambert; 13th N43 Glen Arnold; 14th V18 Justin Paull; 15th V5 Louis Rodriguez; 16th V22 Joe Lostitch; 17th V71 Domain Ramsay; 18th V50 Ashley Booker; 19th S7 Lee Redmond; 20th V11 Troy Jordan; 21st S57 Robert Heard; 22nd N14 Nathan Smee; 23rd N42 Gary Rooke; 24th N12 Clint Leibhardt.

Wingless Sprints:

Heat One: 1st A1 Joel Chadwick; 2nd V36 Ashley Cook; 3rd V88 Andy Hibbert.

Heat Two: 1st N4 Jason Davis; 2nd VX68 Brett Milburn; 3rd V52 Scott Irons.

Heat Three: 1st V32 Dayn Bentvelzen; 2nd V31 Mick Rigby; 3rd VX15 Greg Bishop.

Heat Four: 1st V23 Mathew Balcombe; 2nd V33 Luke Storer; 3rd V66 Marc Evans.

Heat Five: 1st V4 Carly Walsh; 2nd V70 Aron Lawrence; 3rd N61 Peter Granger.

Heat Six: 1st V1 Travis Millar; 2nd VX9 Viv Rockliff; 3rd VX3 Adam Smith.

Heat Seven: 1st V50 Robert Stevenson; 2nd N45 Troy Carey; 3rd V68 Ricky Stewart.

Heat Eight: 1st V60 Steven Hately; 2nd VX38 Leigh Armistead; 3rd N41 Jason Bates.

Heat Nine: 1st V48 Michael Skene; 2nd V14 Alex Ross; 3rd V61 Marcus Green.

Heat Ten: 1st VX50 Luke Weel; 2nd V77 Alex Thomson; 3rd V33 Luke Storer.

Heat Eleven: 1st V81 Matt Bartlett; 2nd V43 Daniel Storer; 3rd V64 Brittany Kuypers.

Heat Twelve: 1st V54 Jeremy Beddison; 2nd S35 Mitchell Broome; 3rd V72 Tyson Bartlett.

C-Main: Two to Transfer: 1st VX13 Jamie Mills; 2nd V67 Chris Halesworth; 3rd VX46 Michael McDonald; 4th V3 John Rotheram; 5th VX44 Glen Harris; 6th VX90 Daniel Kelly; 7th VX98 Peter Doukas; 8th VX25 Gary McCallum; 9th VX8 Matthew O’Shannassy; 10th VX20 Brad Foster; 11th V20 Thomas McDonald; 12th VX28 Justin Bradley; 13th VX69 Troy Scott; 14th VX26 Paul Newcombe; 15th V91 Bianca Klemm.

B-Main 1: 1st V77 Alex Thomson; 2nd N41 Jason Bates; 3rd N45 Troy Carey; 4th VX9 Vic Rocklifff; 5th V31 Mick Rigby; 6th VX38 Leigh Armistead; 7th V83 Todd Hobson; 8th V64 Brittany Kuypers; 9th S2 Jake Ashworth; 10th V95 Geoff Cook; 11th V60 Steven Hateley; 12th VX13 Jamie Mills; 13th V79 Clint McLaren; 14th VX11 Graham Payne; 15th VX34 Adin Robinson; 16th VX3 Adam Smith; 17th V70 Aron Lawrence; 18th VX89 Cristopher Temby.

B-Main 2: 1st V28 Matthew Symons; 2nd V43 Daniel Storer; 3rd V88 Andy Hibbert; 4th V4 carly Walsh; 5th NT75 Tyson Newcombe; 6th V81 Matt Barlett; 7th V66 Marc Evans; 8th VX35 Shaun Clapp; 9th NX9 Andrew Seery; 10th V98 Peter Logue; 11th V67 Chris Halesworth; 12th N61 Peter Granger; 13th N4 Jason Davis; 14th V76 Kelvin Johnson; 15th S19 Michael Spoljaric; 16th VX15 Greg Bishop; 17th V52 Scott Irons; 18th V92 Raymond Klemm

A-Main (Declared After 1 Lap Due To Ambulance Matter): 1st VX50 Luke Weel; 2nd V33 Luke Storer; 3rd V32 Dayn Bentvelzen; 4th V23 Mathew Balcombe; 5th A1 Joel Chadwick; 6th VX68 Brett Milburn; 7th V68 Ricky Stewart; 8th V36 Ashley Cook; 9th V48 Michael Skene; 10th S35 Mitchell Broome; 11th V54 Jeremy Beddison; 12th V50 Robert Stevenson; 13th V14 Alex Ross; 14th V72 Tyson Bartlett; 15th V77 Alex Thomson; 16th V61 Marcus Green; 17th N41 Jason Bates; 18th V1 Travis Millar; 19th V43 Daniel Storer; 20th V28 Mathew Symons.

Formula 500’s:

Qualifying One: 1. V27 Dylan Willsher 13.549; 2. V95 Dale Sinclair 13.632; 3. WA7 Ryan Higgs 13.713; 4. V9 Jordan Rae 13.793; 5. NQ96 Tessa Underwood 13.832; 6. WA29 Thomas Davies 13.834; 7. NQ39 Brodie Davis 13.917; 8. G32 Kent McDonald 14.071; 9. V23 Jason Loft 14.098; 10. V3 Rob Rankin 14.124; 11. V6 Mark Lincoln 14.184; 12. V97 Stewart Grant-Campbell 14.194; 13. V19 Leigh Van Ginneken 14.195; 14. V32 Matthew Turner 14.275; 15. V41 Ash Clements No Time.

Qualifying Two: 1. V49 Josh Buckingham 13.555; 2. USA7 Jake Andreotti 13.660; 3. Q1 Kayden Iverson 13.745; 4. V59 Grant Stansfield 13.749; 5. V4 Jack Bell 13.844; 6. NQ93 Lexi Underwood 13.850; 7. V47 Tim Rankin 13.966; 8. USA88 Koen Shaw 13.985; 9. GLB7 Tim Randell 14.058; 10. V33 Justin Bowen 14.060; 11. SA44 Steph Munn 14.280; 12. T82 Ricki Hall 14.297; 13. V72 Declan Robinson 14.413; 14. V29 Darcy Giblin 14.647; 15. V36 Daniel Burleigh 14.821.

Heat One: 1st V19 Leigh Van Ginneken; 2nd WA29 Thomas Davies; 3rd V23 Jason Loft

Heat Two: 1st V33 Justin Bowen; 2nd V47 Tim Rankin; 3rd V36 Daniel Burleigh.

A-Main (20 Laps 7:01.596): 1. USA7 Jake Andreotti; 2. WA29 Thomas Davies; 3. Q1 Kaydon Iverson; 4. V49 Josh Buckingham; 5. V47 Tim Rankin; 6. V9 Jordan Rae; 7. V95 Dale Sinclair; 8. GLB7 Tim Randell; 9. V23 Jason Loft; 10. V59 Grant Stansfield; 11. V33 Justin Bowen; 12. V4 Jack Bell; 13. NQ39 Brodie Davis; 14. NQ96 Tessa Underwood; 15. WA7 Ryan Higgs; 16. V3 Rob Rankin; 17. V27 Dylan Willsher; 18. V6 Mark Lincoln; 19. G32 Kent McDonald; 20. V32 Matt Turner; 21. USA88 Koen Shaw; 22. V36 Daniel Burleigh; 22. V72 Declan Robinson; 24. V19 Leigh Van Ginneken.

The next meeting at Sungold Stadium, Premier Speedway, Warrnambool will be held on January 18, 29 & 20, 2019 and will feature the South West Conveyancing Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic.

Gates will open at 2pm with Racing to get underway at 5pm.
Tickets are available on-line until midnight Thursday prior to the event with nightly tickets than available from 9am on Race Day.

Please see for more information.