Ross Claims Drama Filled AWSR Title - Quick Results

Alex Ross is the 2019 Australian Wingless Sprint Champion after another night of exciting racing at Sungold Stadium, Premier Speedway, Warrnambool.

Ross led home Luke Weel and Dayn Bentvelzen to claim the Title in an A-main that was delayed due to an Ambulance issue, involving hard charging Western Australian Ash Hounsfield.

With the checkered flag in sight, Ross also had to endure an extremely late race caution, before executing two perfect laps in a green, white, chequer finish.

The quick results from the Night Two Program are as follows:
Heat 21: 1st V88 Andrew Hibbert; 2nd V77 Alex Thomson; 3rd V67 Christopher Halesworth.

Heat 22: 1st V33 Luke Storer; 2nd V79 Clint McLaren; 3rd VX9 Viv Rockliff.

Heat 23: 1st V2 Travis Millar; 2nd S2 Jake Ashworth; 3rd V98 Peter Logue.

Heat 24: 1st VX20 Brad Foster; 2nd N41 Jason Bates; 3rd V4 Carly Walsh.

Heat 25: 1st V28 Tim Van Ginneken; 2nd V54 Jeremy Beddison; 3rd VX13 James Mills.

Heat 26: 1st S71 Brett Ireland; 2nd N19 Cody Boulding; 3rd V48 Michael Skene.

Heat 27: 1st T10 Luke Redpath; 2nd N16 Ashleigh Jack; 3rd N45 Troy Carey.

Heat 28: 1st V32 Dayn Bentvelzen; 2nd V23 Mathew Balcombe; 3rd V61 Marcus Green.

Non-Qualifer 1: 1st V12 Luke Cole; 2nd Q49 Cody O’Connell; 3rd VX38 Leigh Armistead.

Non-Qualifer 2: 1st V83 Todd Hobson; 2nd VX64 Brett Pope; 3rd S86 Kirby Hillier.

Non-Qualifier 3: 1st V81 Matt Bartlett; 2nd VX8 Mathew O’Shannassy; 3rd N58 Luke Sayre.

Non-Qualifier 4: 1st NX71 David Eggins; 2nd N98 Leighton O’Brien; 3rd N4 Jason Davis.

Mid-Pack Scramble (9th to 16th in Points top 2 Transfer to Champions Scramble): 1st V33 Luke Storer; 2nd V2 Travis Millar; 3rd S71 Brett Ireland; 4th N41 Jason Bates; 5th V67 Christopher Halesworth; 6th V32 Dayn Bentvelzen; 7th V54 Jeremy Beddison; 8th V88 Andrew Hibbert.

Champions Scramble: 1st VX50 Luke Weel; 2nd V13 Alex Ross; 3rd VX46 Michael McDonald; 4th S35 Mitchell Broome; 5th V2 Travis Millar; 6th V33 Luke Storer; 7th S96 Jarmin Dalitz; 8th V43 Daniel Storer; 9th W95 Ash Hounsfield; 10th VX68 Brett Milburn.

D-Main (6 to Transfer): 1st V50 Robert Stevenson; 2nd VX91 Ben Poliansky; 3rd VX89 Christopher Temby; 4th V24 Michael Lovell; 5th V31 Mick Rigby; 6th S77 Mick Barker; 7th VX25 Gary McCallum; 8th V65 Brett Kuypers; 9th VX10 Steven Loader; 10th S69 Brad Beasley; 11th V70 Aron Lawrence; 12th V92 Ray Klemm; 13th V20 Thomas McDonald; 14th S4 Travis Beasley; 15th N90 Evan O’Bryan; 16th V3 John Rotheram; 17th NT25 Richard Hawkins; 18th V72 Tyson Bartlett.

C-Main 1: 1st VX8 Mathew O’Shannassy; 2nd V12 Luke Cole; 3rd N4 Jason Davis; 4th V83 Todd Hobson; 5th V36 Ashley Cook; 6th S19 Michael Spoljaric; 7th NX36 Michael Butcher; 8th S31 Casey Van Der Stelt; 9th NX71 David Eggins; 10th VX38 Leigh Armistead; 11th V84 Jake Warren; 12th N98 Leighton O’Brien; 13th N83 Darryl Sloan; 14th S8 Darryl Sloan; 15th VX89 Christopher Temby; 16th S86 Kirby Hillyer; 17th V31 Mick Rigby; 18th V50 Robert Stevenson; 19th N58 Luke Sayre; 20th V19 Sam Wren.

C-Main 2: 1st Q49 Cody O’Connell; 2nd VX64 Brett Pope; 3rd V68 Rikki Stewart; 4th NX34 Mason Cattell; 5th N2 Robert Mazzer; 6th S33 Brad Evans; 7th V89 Ebony Hobson; 8th V66 Marc Evans; 9th VX34 Adin Robertson; 10th VX42 Jason Andreatta; 11th V24 Michael Lovell; 12th VX11 Graham Payne; 13th VX91 Ben Poliansky; 14th V81 Matt Bartlett; 15th VX77 Travis Evans; 16th N19 Cody Boulding; 17th V4 Carly Walsh; 18th V23 Mathew Balcombe; 19th V95 Geoff Cook; 20th T87 Bradley Walkley; 21st NT75 Tyson Newcombe; 22nd S77 Mick Barker; 23rd VX3 Adam Smith.

B-Main 1: 1st V28 Tim Van Ginneken; 2nd VX20 Brad Foster; 3rd V79 Clint McLaren; 4th N19 Cody Boulding; 5th V4 Carly Walsh; 6th V23 Mathew Balcombe; 7th VX9 Vic Rockliff; 8th N45 Troy Carey; 9th V83 Todd Hobson; 10th V48 Michael Skene; 11th V16 Wayne Logue; 12th VX15 Greg Bishop; 13th N4 Jason Davis; 14th N42 Zac Pacchiarotta; 15th V12 Luke Cole; 16th N99 Mitchell O’Brien; 17th V45 Bhoe Paterson; 18th VX8 Mathew O’Shannassy; 19th T7 Josh Padman; 20th V30 Tony Moule.

B-Main 2: 1st T10 Luke Redpath; 2nd S2 Jake Ashworth; 3rd T21 Brad Whitchurch; 4th N16 Ashleigh Jack; 5th V98 Peter Logue; 6th Q49 Cody O’Connell; 7th VX13 James Mills; 8th V60 Steven Hateley; 9th S47 Anthony Tapley; 10th V44 Chris Rodda; 11th V77 Alex Thomson; 12th V52 Scott Irons; 13th NX34 Mason Cattell; 14th V76 Kelvin Johnson; 15th T24 Scott Thompson; 16th V68 Rikki Stewart; 17th VX64 Brett Pope; 18th V61 Marcus Green; 19th VX98 Ben Doukas; 20th VX12 Matt Mills.

2019 AWSR Australian Championship Final (40 laps): 1st V14 Alex Ross; 2nd VX50 Luke Weel; 3rd V32 Dayn Bentvelzen; 4th V2 Travis Millar; 5th N41 Jason Bates; 6th V33 Luke Storer; 7th S35 Mitchell Broome; 8th V43 Daniel Storer; 9th S96 Jarmin Dalitz; 10th A1 Joel Chadwick; 11th V67 Christopher Halesworth; 12th V88 Andrew Hibbert; 13th V28 Tim Van Ginneken; 14th S2 Jake Ashworth; 15th VX46 Michael McDonald; 16th N19 Cody Boulding; 17th N16 Ashleigh Jack; 18th V54 Jeremy Beddison; 19th VX20 Brad Foster; 20th VX68 Brett Milburn; 21st S71 Brett Ireland; 22nd W95 Ash Hounsfield; 23rd T10 Luke Redpath; 24th V79 Clint McLaren.

The next race meeting to be held at Sungold Stadium, Premier Speedway, Warrnambool will be on Saturday March 16, 2019 and will feature the Grand Final of the Eureka Sprintcar Series and the Modified Production Di Watson Memorial..

Gates will open at 4pm with Racing to get underway at 5pm.
Tickets are available on-line or at the gate from 4pm on Race Day.
Please see for more information.