Premier Speedway Quick Results - Sprintcars & Modified Production-57367

Premier Speedway Quick Results - Sprintcars & Modified Production

Corey McCullagh endured a tense wait on the in-field after crashing out of tonight's Eureka Sprintcar Series Grand Final before Darren Mollenoyux claimed the A-Main win, with McCullagh having survived to claim the 2018-19 Eureka Sprintcar Series Crown.

In the Modified Production Di Watson Memorial it was David Smith who saluted the judge in a caution riddled feature event.

The Quick Results of the night are as follows:


Time Trial Flight One:

1. V40 Rusty Hickman 10.499; 2. V77 Brayden Parr 10.647; 3. V37 Grant Anderson 10.680; 4. V92 Matthew Reed 10.805 ; 5. S20 Glen Sutherland 10.875; 6. S37 Tony Moule 10.941; 7. V12 Kristy Ellis 10.942; 8. VA9 Troy Hose 11.174; 9. V26 Nick Lacey 11.192; 10. VA19 Daniel Newnham 11.272.

Time Trial Flight Two:

1. V52 Darren Mollenoyux 10.620; 2. VA81 Rhys Baxter 10.632; 3. V45 Mike Van Bremen 10.876; 4. V28 Andrew Hughes 10.892; 5. V88 David Murcott 10.930; 6. V68 Brett Milburn 10.953; 7. S57 Rory Button 11.043; 8. V34 Brenten Farrer 11.063; 9. V27 Ross Jared 11.420; 10. V50 Darren Clarke 11.485.

Time Trial Flight Three:

1. VA71 Corey McCullagh 10.409; 2. V67 Luke Walker 10.644; 3. W17 James McFadden 10.761; 4. V25 Jack Lee 10.799; 5. V60 Jordyn Charge 10.846; 6. V9 Rod Matthews 10.898; 7. V3 Mitchell Gee 11.127; 8. VA75 David Donegan 11.210; 9. V32 Stephen Spark 11.300; 10. VA12 Mark Carlin No Time.

Time Trial Flight Four:

1. V70 John Vogels 10.578; 2. V8 Bobby Daly 10.592; 3. V22 Terry Rankin 10.632; 4. Q83 Steven Lines 10.683; 5. V98 Peter Doukas 10.764; 6. S13 Brock Hallett 10.908; 7. V19 Sam Wren 11.022; 8. VA4 Carly Walsh 11.230; 9. V81 Robbie Paton 11.230; 10. V64 David Aldersley 11.377.

Time Trial Flight Five:

1. V35 Jamie Veal 10.533; 2. V17 Dennis Jones 10.730; 3. V73 Charles Hunter 10.876; 4. V42 Jye O’Keeffe 10.922; 5. VA88 Grant Stansfield 10.950; 6. S15 Aidan Hall 10.971; 7. N36 Eddie Lumbar 11.154; 8. V95 Ryan Davis 11.159; 9. V93 Travis Millar 11.541; 10. V38 Jarrod Woolstencroft 16.841.

Heat One: 1st V40 Rusty Hickman; 2nd V37 Grant Anderson; 3rd V92 Matthew Reed.

Heat Two: 1st V52 Darren Mollenoyux; 2nd VA81 Rhys Baxter; 3rd V45 Mike Van Bremen.

Heat Three: 1st VA71 Corey McCullagh; 2nd W17 James McFadden; 3rd V67 Luke Walker.

Heat Four: 1st V70 John Vogels; 2nd Q83 Steven Lines; 3rd V8 Bobby Daly.

Heat Five: 1st V35 Jamie Veal; 2nd V17 Dennis Jones; 3rd VA88 Grant Stansfield .

Heat Six: 1st V37 Grant Anderson; 2nd V40 Rusty Hickman; 3rd VA75 David Donegan.

Heat Seven: 1st V81 Robbie Paton; 2nd V19 Sam Wren; 3rd V22 Terry Rankin.

Heat Eight: 1st V64 David Aldersley; 2nd S13 Brock Hallett; 3rd V88 David Murcott.

Heat Nine: 1st V35 Jamie Veal; 2nd V93 Travis Millar; 3rd V68 Brett Milburn.

Heat Ten: 1st V95 Ryan Davis; 2nd S15 Aidan Hall; 3rd V42 Jye O’Keeffe

Top SixShoot-Out:

Silver: 1. V52 Darren Mollenoyux 11.270; 2. V37 Grant Anderson 11.327; 3. VA71 Corey McCullagh 11.392; 4. V70 John Vogels 11.509.

Gold: 1. V52 Darren Mollenoyux 11.081; 2. V37 Grant Anderson 11.323; 3. V35 Jamie Veal 11.324; 4. V40 Rusty Hickman.

Sprintcar C-Main (Top 4 Transfer to B-Main) 1. V42 Jye O’Keeffe; 2. V98 Peter Doukas; 3. N36 Eddie Lumbar; 4. V34 Brenten Farrer; 5. V28 Andrew Hughes; 6. V3 Mitchell Gee; 7. S20 Glen Sutherland; 8. V9 Rod Matthews; 9. V12 Kristy Ellis; 10. VA75 David Donegan; 11. V93 Travis Millar; 12. VA4 Carly Walsh; 13. S57 Rory Button; 14. S37 Tony Moule; 15. V60 Jordyn Charge.

Sprintcar B-Main (Top 6 Transfer to A-Main): 1st S15 Aidan Hall; 2nd V8 Bobby Daly; 3rd S13 Brock Hallett; 4th V22 Terry Rankin; 5th V68 Brett Milburn; 6th V88 David Murcott; 7th V42 Jye O’Keeffe; 8th V45 Mike Van Bremen; 9th V98 Peter Doukas; 10th V95 Ryan Davis; 11th V81 Robbie Paton; 12th V19 Sam Wren; 13th V92 Matthew Reed; 14th V64 David Aldersley; 15th V34 Brenten Farrer

Sprintcar A-Main (30 laps No Time): 1st V52 Darren Mollenoyux; 2nd V35 Jamie Veal; 3rd V37 Grant Anderson; 4th V40 Rusty Hickman; 5th VA81 Rhys Baxter; 6th V70 John Vogels; 7th V68 Brett Milburn; 8th Q83 Steven Lines; 9th W17 James McFadden; 10th V67 Luke Walker; 11th V88 David Murcott; 12th V77 Brayden Parr; 13th V22 Terry Rankin; 14th V8 Bobby Daly; 15th V17 Dennis Jones (DNF); 16th VA71 Corey McCullagh (DNF); 17th S13 Brock Hallett (DNF); 18th S15 Aidan Hall (DNF).

(Start Order: 1. V52; 2. V37; 3. V35; 4. V40; 5. VA71; 6. V70; 7. VA81; 8. V17; 9. Q83; 10. V77; 11. V67; 12. W17; 13. S15; 14. V8; 15. S13; 16.V22; 17. V68; 18. V88.

Lap Leaders: 1-30 V52 Darren Mollenoyux.

Modified Production Di Watson Memorial:

Heat One: 1st N7 Andrew Blackwell; 2nd MDA4 Brock Atkins; 3rd RDL11 Nick Cockerill

Heat Two: 1st MDA72 Martin Hawson; 2nd AV14 Matt Gerlach; 3rd W32 Mick Johnson.

Heat Three: 1st MDA19 David Smith; 2nd AV5 Ash Parkinson; 3rd GV94 Daniel Simpson.

Heat Four: 1st RDL11 Nick Cockerill; 2nd RDL46 Kye Walters; 3rd MDA6 Wade McCarthy.

Heat Five: 1st N13 Russell Bent; 2nd HA36 Josh Fraser; 3rd MDA19 David Smith.

Heat Six: 1st AV11 Jeff Leahy; 2nd N25 Brad Warren; 3rd MDA72 Martin Hawson.

Heat Seven: 1st RDL46 Kye Walters; 2nd CR4 Shane McDonald; 3rd
BGO56 Graham West.

Heat Eight: 1st MDA4 Brock Atkins; 2nd MDA19 David Smith; 3rd RDL11 Nick Cockerill.

Heat Nine: 1st N7 Andrew Blackwell; 2nd N13 Russell Bent; 3rd
HO33 Daniel Simpson.

A-Main:1. MDA19 David Smith; 2. N7 Andrew Blackwell; 3. RDL46 Kye Walters; 4. MDA4 Brock Atkins; 5. GV94 Rachel Pratt; 6. N42 Scott Angus ; 7. MDA6 Wade McCarthy; 8. CR4 Shane McDonald; 9. W32 Mick Johnson; 10. AX32 Brody Christie; 11. N25 Brad Warren; 12. BGO56 Graham West; 13. HA36 Josh Fraser; 14. N15 Dale Hallett; 15. AV14 Matt Gerlach (DNF); 16. N13 Russell Felsovary (DNF); 17. P25 Chris Hayden (DNF); 18. GV81 Rodney Burr (DNF); 19. MDA72 Martin Hawson (DNF); 20. RDL11 Nick Cockerill (DNF); 21. AV11 Jeff Leahy (DNF); 22. HO33 Daniel Simpson (DNF).

The next meeting at Sungold Stadium, Premier Speedway, Warrnambool will be held on Saturday March 30, 2019 and will feature the Victorian Super Sedan Title, the Super Rod Cup, Legend Cars and Street Stocks.

Gates will open at 4pm with Racing to get underway at 5pm.

Tickets are available on-line until midnight Saturday and then at the gates from 4pm on Race Day.

Admission is Adults $20; Concession $20; Children 10-15 $10.00 with Children 9 and Under Free.

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