Wild, Crazy, Brutal Night at Sungold Stadium Quick Results-57966

Wild, Crazy, Brutal Night at Sungold Stadium Quick Results

Wild, Crazy, Brutal Night at Sungold Stadium and McFadden takes Sprintcar Feature and Darcy Micallef claims the Yeoman Williams Memorial for Junior Sedans.

Quick Results:

Time Trial Group One: V81 Robbie Paton 10.349, S15 Aidan Hall 10.359, T62 Tate Frost 10.460.

Time Trial Group Two: V45 Mike Van Bremen 10.434, Q83 Steven Lines 10.472, VA88 Grant Stansfield 10.525.

Time Trial Group Three: S13 Brock Hallett 10.460, V52 Darren Mollenoyux 10.471, T22 Jock Goodyer 10.518.

Time Trial Group Four: Q17 Luke Oldfield 10.395, V35 Jamie Veal 10.507, V40 Rusty Hickman 10.559.

Time Trial Group Five: W17 James McFadden 10.493, V3 Corey McCullagh 10.499, V68 Brett Milburn 10.576.

Heat One: 1st V88 David Murcott; 2nd T62 Tate Frost; 3rd V81 Robbie Paton

Heat Two: 1st Q83 Steven Lines; 2nd V45 Mike Van Bremen; 3rd S63 Ryan Jones

Heat Three: 1st V52 Darren Mollenoyux; 2nd V37 Grant Anderson; 3rd S13 Brock Hallett

Heat Four: 1st V35 Jamie Veal; 2nd Q17 Luke Oldfield; 3rd V40 Rusty Hickman

Heat Five: 1st W17 James McFadden; 2nd V3 Corey McCullagh; 3rd V42 Jye O’Keeffe

Heat Six: 1st Q23 Lachlan McHugh; 2nd S4 Lisa Walker; 3rd T62 Tate Frost

Heat Seven: 1st V19 Sam Wren; 2nd VA22 Leigh Mugavin; 3rd V44 Tim Van Ginneken

Heat Eight: 1st V48 Adam King; 2nd VA29 Terry Rankin; 3rd V77 Brayden Parr.

Heat Nine: 1st VA81 Rhys Baxter; 2nd V68 Brett Milburn; 3rd W17 James McFadden.

Heat Ten: 1st V73 Charles Hunter; 2nd V34 Brenten Farrer; 3rd V17 Dennis Jones.

Sprintcar C-Main (6 Transfer to B-Main): 1st S4 Lisa Walker; 2nd V60 Jordyn Charge; 3rd VA22 Leigh Mugavin; 4th V28 Andrew Hughes; 5th V83 Chris Solomon; 6th S20 Glen Sutherland.

Sprintcar B-Main (6 Transfer to A-Main): 1st V40 Rusty Hickman; 2nd V42 Jye O’Keeffe; 3rd VA29 Terry Rankin; 4th S63 Ryan Jones; 5th VA88 Grant Stansfield; 6th VA81 Rhys Baxter.

Sprintcar A-Main (30 laps No-Time): 1st W17 James McFadden; 2nd Q17 Luke Oldfield; 3rd Q23 Lachlan McHugh; 4th Q83 Steven Lines; 5th V52 Darren Mollenoyux; 6th V3 Corey McCullagh; 7th VA88 Grant Stansfield; 8th V45 Mike Van Bremen; 9th S63 Ryan Jones; 10th V37 Grant Anderson; 11th V42 Jye O’Keeffe; 12th S13 Brock Hallett; 13th V81 Robbie Paton; 14th V40 Rusty Hickman; 15th VA29 Terry Rankin; 16th VA81 Rhys Baxter; 17th T62 Tate Frost; 18th V68 Brett Milburn.

(Start Order: 1. W17; 2. Q17; 3. Q83; 4. V45; 5. V52; 6. Q23; 7. V3; 8. V68; 9. S13; 10. V81; 11. T62; 12. V37; 13. V40; 14. V42; 15. VA29; 16. S63; 17. VA88; 18. VA81)

Lap Leaders: 1-30 W17 James McFadden.

Junior Sedans Top Stars Yeoman Williams Memorial:

Heat One: 1st VW7 Darcy Micallef 2nd AX85 Rhys Meakins 3rd P95 Tanner Barkley.

Heat Two: 1st W4 Ben Micallef; 2nd W7 Darcy Micallef; 3rd AX48 Linken Paterson.

A-Main: 1. W7 Darcy Micallef; 2. AX85 Rhys Meakins; 3. AX48 Linken Paterson; 4. P95 Tanner Barkley; 5. W4 Ben Micallef; 6. AX10 Bree Simpson; 7. B4 Jaxson Vella; 8. L25 Jake Dooley; DNF; SA24 Chelsea Gwynne.

Junior Sedans New Stars:

Heat One: 1st AX18 Dylan Barrow; 2nd B88 Levi Blake; 3rd AX23 Tamika Simpson.

Heat Two: 1st B33 Bailey Rumler; 2nd AX93 Seth Sloan; 3rd AX47 Triver Paterson.

A-Main:1 B33 Bailey Rumler; 2. AX18 Dylan Barrow; 3. AX47 Triver Paterson; 4. B66 Shaqkira Blake; 5. AX9 Rye Orme; 6. AV5 Fletcher Barron; 7. HA29 Rylan Pech; 8. B88 Levi Blake; 9. AX23 Tamika Simpson; DNF AX93 Seth Sloan; DNF AV8 Blake Glynn.

V8 Dirt Modifieds:

Heat One: 1st V84 Todd Hobson ; 2nd V49 Brent Hough; 3rd V59 Michael Ardley

Heat Two: 1st V92 Daryl Hickson; 2nd V59 Michael Ardley; 3rd V15 Jason Andretti

A-Main: 1. V92 Daryl Hickson; 2. V59 Michael Ardley; 3. V84 Todd Hobson; 4. V49 Brent Hough; 5. V21 Zeke Edwards; 6. V15 Jason Andretti; 7. V4 Darren Tindal.

The next meeting at Sungold Stadium, Premier Speedway, Warrnambool will be held on Saturday November 16, 2019 and will feature Sprintcars contesting the Victorian Title along with the Jack Willsher Cup for Formula 500’s.

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