Premier Speedway Tickets On Sale from 10am Wednesday December 1 -59501

Premier Speedway Tickets On Sale from 10am Wednesday December 1

The Premier Speedway Club, Warrnambool is excited to announce that tickets via the Club’s new ticketing partnership with Trybooking, will be available for all events up to and including the 49th South West Conveyancing Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic will be on-line via the Club’s website from 10am Eastern Daylight-Saving Time (7am WA, 9.30am SA) on Wednesday December 1, 2021.

By visiting the website from 10am on Wednesday December 1, 2021, and clicking on the Buy Tickets Button in the menu at the top of the page.

Tickets for all meetings post the 49th South West Conveyancing Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic will be on-line, again via the Club’s website from Tuesday January 4, 2022.

All patrons are reminded that while some restrictions in Victoria have been relaxed, it will be mandatory to be able to provide proof of Full COVID-19 Vaccination status as well as being able to QR Code into the venue at the entry points.

All patrons are reminded that completing the ticket purchase in an accurate way is going to be far quicker and more efficient than supplying incorrect details, so we ask that you have your information ready to go prior to purchasing tickets.

Some key information is as follows:

Website: Tickets can be purchased from by clicking on the Buy Tickets tab at the top of the page.

Event: Carefully select the event you wish to purchase tickets for.

Ticket Type: Make your choice of General Admission or Reserved Terrace Seating. General Admission is in the grassed mounds on a first come first served basis, providing your own lawn chair. The Terrace is a reserved seating section, seat provided in turn two on the back straight.

How Many Tickets Do You Need: Select the number of Adult Tickets, Children’s Tickets etc.

NOTE: All tickets purchased as Concession Tickets will require for the ticket holder to provide proof of Aged, Disability or Veterans Affairs Concession upon presenting the ticket for entry.

Terrace Reserved Seating: Section One of the Terrace Reserved Seating Section is nearest the entry point, while Section Four is nearest the highway.

Row M is the back row, furthest from the track, while Row A is now the front row.

Grandstand Seating: Grandstand Seating is unavailable as the Grandstand is fully subscribed to seasonal seat holders.

Vaccination Status: As the ticket purchaser you will be asked to tick a box confirming you are Fully Vaccinated against COVID-19 (which is a condition of entry). Should you select YES and then be unable to provide proof of this at the entry gate, your right to entry and/or a refund will be forfeited.

IMPORTANT Accurate Personal Details: When purchasing a ticket/s online, please ensure that you can accurately provide the following details including things like credit card numbers and expiry dates, whether your email is .com or etc.

These personal details will include Name, Phone Number, Address, Email Address and Credit Card details.

Having this information and entering it accurately will enhance the ticket purchasing experience.

It is the preference of the Premier Speedway Club that you choose an email that you can print the tickets from, so that they can be scanned at the gate. If you choose to display your ticket on your phone, please have the brightness turned up high.

End Release.

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