Max’s Race Attracts Quality Line-Up At Sungold Stadium-59525

Max’s Race Attracts Quality Line-Up At Sungold Stadium

The early nominations are in for Max’s Race this Saturday night at Sungold Stadium as a part of the Total Tools Warrnambool Track Championship with a star studded line-up , including both Matthew and Marcus Dumesny who will aim to win the race run in honour of their father Max, set to battle it out.

Joining the pair of Dumesny’s in the field will be household names Jamie Veal, James McFadden, Steven Lines, David Murcott, Corey McCullagh and 2019 Max’s Race winner Grant Anderson.

With all of the action on Saturday being presented by Chittick’s Bakery it promises to be a great return to racing at Sungold Stadium after what has been a longer than usual off season.

Tickets for Saturday night are available on-line via or a the gate. For ease of access, with QR Coding at the gate via the Services Victoria Smart Phone App, it is recommended that tickets be pre-purchased prior to race day.

Please note: Only Patrons Fully Vaccinated against COVID-19 can attend Sungold Stadium for this event. All patrons are required to show their COVID 19 digital certificate upon entry.

Public gates will open at 4pm with cars on track at 5.30pm.

The full list of current nominations for Max’s race as well as the Late Models and Junior Formula 500’s are as follows:

Sprintcars (45):

A1 Jamie Veal
V3 Darren Mollenoyux
V7 Paul Solomon
V8 Bobby Daly
VA12 Mark Carlin
S13 Brock Hallett
V17 Dennis Jones
W17 James McFadden
VA22 Leigh Mugavin
NT27 Luke Weel
V27 Ross Jarred
S27 Daniel Pestka
V28 Andrew Hughes
V30 Michael Coad
N32 Warren Ferguson
Q33 Callum Walker
VA33 Warrick Taylor
V34 Brenton Farrer
VA36 Ashley Cook
N36 Eddie Lumbar
V37 Grant Anderson
S38 Lachy McDonough
V40 Rusty Hickman
V44 Tim Van Ginneken
V45 Steven Lines
N47 Marcus Dumesny
V48 Adam King
V56 James Aranyosi
N57 Matt Dumesny
V60 Jordyn Charge
T62 Tate Frost
V63 Kevin Reeves
V68 Brett Milburn
V72 Jake Smith
VA75 David Donegan
V75 Mitch Smith
VA81 Rhys Baxter
V81 Robbie Paton
N83 Peter O’Neill
V83 Chris Solomon
VA88 Grant Stansfield
V90 Corey McCullagh
VA96 Dayn Bentvelzen
S97 David Murcott
V98 Peter Doukas

Late Models (9):

S8 Fiona Verhoeven
V9 Shane Belk
V12 Brock Edwards
N19 Todd Bayley
V20 Lucas Roberts
AX21 Chevy Edwards
V23 Brendan Hucker
V32 Wayne Belk
N99 Ross Nicastri

Junior Formula 500’s (12):

V10 Dakota Luckett
V20 Rusty Ponting
V24 Tyler Maggs
V30 Aston Rodriguez
N38 Ky Young
V43 Chevette Muir
V60 Kobi O’Shannassy
V64 Caleb Langdon
V67 Zoe Pearce
N78 Kobi Wright
V78 Maddox Gibbs
V98 Jett Hart

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