Noms Are In so Jump the Q – Buy On-Line… Even on Race Day!-59542

Noms Are In so Jump the Q – Buy On-Line… Even on Race Day!

The Victorian Sprintcar Title as presented by Fresha will be held at Sungold Stadium, Premier Speedway, Warrnambool this Saturday night, in what is the only way to kick of 2022!

Tickets to the Speedway are available on-line at, with tickets able to be purchased on your phone or mobile device even on a race day, meaning the need to queue at the gates for walk-up ticket sales is no longer necessary.

Those without a mobile device can still purchase tickets on a walk-up basis at both the Warrnambool Side ticket box and the Pit Ticket Box on the Allansford side of the venue, however the on-line ticket purchasing option is the quickest avenue to access the venue.

The Victorian Sprintcar Title will also double as Round 2 of the Total Tools Warrnambool Track Championship as presented by Fitz Media and the Midfield Group, in addition to the final night of the $5,000 to Win Victorian Speedweek Series.

All patrons are advised that the One Heat Format as utilized during Max’s Race to assist with the current tyre shortage our industry is currently experiencing.

Also in action will be the Junior Sedans as they battle it out for the Neville Pike Cup.

Gates Open at 3pm with cars on track from 5.30pm on Saturday January 1.

The Current list of entries is:


V2 Domain Ramsay
V3 Darren Mollenoyux
S3 Ben Morris
V6 Cameron Waters
V7 Paul Solomon
T7 Tim Hutchins
VA12 Mark Carlin
S14 Brendan Quinn
N15 Luke Thomas
W17 James McFadden
V17 Dennis Jones
S20 Glen Sutherland
VA22 Leigh Mugavin
V25 Jamie Veal
VA25 Jack Lee
S27 Daniel Pestka
V27 Ross Jarrard
NT27 Luke Weel
V28 Andrew Hughes
V32 Stephen Spark
Q33 Cullum Walker
VA36 Ashley Cook
N36 Eddie Lumbar
V37 Grant Anderson
V44 Tim Van Ginneken
N47 Marcus Dumesny
V48 Adam King
V56 James Aranyosi
N57 Matt Dumesny
VA57 Harrison Swan
V60 Jordyn Charge
T62 Tate Frost
V63 Kevin Reeves
S63 Ryan Jones
V64 David Aldersley
N72 Coby Elliott
V72 Jacob Smith
VA75 David Donegan
V75 Mitchell Smith
V57 Troy Hose
VA81 Rhys Baxter
V81 Robbie Paton
V88 Rusty Hickman
VA88 Grant Stansfield
V90 Corey McCullagh
V92 Matthew Reed
VA96 Dayn Bentvelzen
V98 Peter Doukas
N99 Carson Macedo

Junior Sedans – Top Stars:

AV5 Fletcher Barron
HA7 Jacob Tinworth
AV8 Blake Glynn
AX10 Bree Simpson
MDA10 Carter Metcalfe
MDA15 Will Shore
AX17 Dylan Barrow
AX23 Tamika Simpson
HA29 Rylan Pech
MDA32 Diesel Fallon
B33 Bailey Rumler
AX47 River Paterson
AX48 Linken Paterson
AX49 Jayden Bryant
N61 Logan Mair
AX62 Christine Oliver
AX63 James Oliver
AX66 Maddy Capon
N69 Jessica O'Donnell
C81 Miller Throckmorton
AX85 Rhys Meakins
B88 Levi Blake
AX93 Seth Sloane
P95 Tanner Barclay

Junior Sedans – New Stars

S4 Jayden Lock
AV19 Jake Bradley
N27 Tristan Jarred
AX29 Jasmine Bryant
B42 Tayla Whatmore
AV45 Isabella Thornton
S52 Zammy Noseda
L95 Toby Cook

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