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Open Wheel Mayhem Night Attracts Quality Entry Lists

This Sunday night at Sungold Stadium, Premier Speedway, Warrnambool the pits will be full to overflowing as a huge field of Speedcars, Wingless Sprints and Formula 500ís set to take centre stage.

The Speedcars with contest the prestigious Beasley Family Memorial which has attracted some of the divisions heavy hitters including the likes of Nathan Smee, Troy Jenkins and Travis Mills.

A massive field of 65 cars have entered for the Wingless Sprints Round 3 of the Summer Slam which will, as always, provide plenty of on track action.

The now somewhat traditional end to the Formula 500 Speedweek period, is the Dash for cash which has also attracted a stout field that is littered with talent.

With the public gates set to open at 4pm and on-track action getting under way from 5pm, now is the time to jump onto to secure your tickets.

Walk up sales are also available at the Warrnambool Side gate from 4pm on race day.

The pit gate will open at 1pm.

All intending patrons are advised that it is recommended to bring a mask with you and in particular wear it in areas where social distancing cannot be practiced.

We ask that you comply with this advice, if for no other reason, than to ensure we can continue to race with some big events coming up.

All patrons utilizing indoor facilities at Sungold Stadium, are reminded to have their masks on when indoors.

The full list of nominations is:


V3 Dillon Ghent
S6 Andy Pearce
V6 Matthew Brown
NT9 Garth Thompson
V9 Matt Jackson
S10 Harley Bishop
10m Caleb Mills
V10 Travis Mills
N11 Jay Waugh
V11 Louis Rodriquez
N14 Nathan Smee
V14 David Timberlake
V17 Mitch Whiting
V22 Joseph Lostitch
V25 Matt Papa
N32 Daniel Paterson
V39 Nick Parker
N40 Dave Lambert
S57 Robert Heard
V71 Domain Ramsay
V72 Damian Bishop
N78 Troy Jenkins
N88 Glen Shaw

Wingless Sprints:

VX3 Reece Harris
V4 Carly Walsh
N5 Mark Blyton
S5 Joel Chadwick
VX5 Luke McCutcheon
V8 Boyd Harris
V10 Will Scott
S11 Tyson Martin
V11 Matthew Symons
V14 Ricky Bailey
VX14 Harry Ross
V17 Andrew Hibbert
V20 Thomas McDonald
V22 Craig McDonald
S23 Jack McCarthy
VX25 Gary McCallum
S26 Ryan Furler
VX27 Bree Hall
V31 Mick Rigby
VX31 Mark Hutchins
VX32 Chris Ansell
V33 Luke Storer
V34 Shaun Farnsworth
VX34 Adin Robertson
S35 Mitchell Broome
V39 Tyson Benson
N41 Jason Bates
VX41 Aaron Kennett
VX43 Ben Kirby
V43 Daniel Storer
VX44 Glen Harris
N45 Troy Carey
V45 Bhoe Paterson
VX45 Kerry Bright
V49 Jake Dooley
V51 Jordan Nicholas
V52 Scott Irons
V53 Samantha Miller
N58 Luke Sayre
V60 Steven Hateley
VX62 Kasey Garlick
V64 Brittany Kuypers
VX64 Brett Pope
VX65 Tyler O'Leary
V67 Christopher Halesworth
VX68 Kim-Loong Gosling
VX70 Greg Hill
V71 Leigh Estlick
VX72 Marlin Walsh
V77 Alex Ross
V79 Clint McLaren
S81 Kahn Aston
VX81 Nathaniel Smith
V84 Jake Warren
VX84 Bradley Warren
S86 Kirby Hillier
VX88 Ester Thomson
VX89 Christopher Temby
VX92 Brayden McKay
V93 Travis Miller
V95 Geoff Cook
N97 Kyle Mock
V97 Blake Walsh
V98 Peter Logue
VX99 Hayden Clifford

Formula 500ís:

V2 Angus Hollis
V4 Jack Bell
V6 Dylan Willsher
V9 Jordan Rae
V10 Ben Telindert
V12 Brendan McGinniskin
V14 Jett Speed
N17 Blake Matthews
V17 Indy Rae
V18 Jerome Speed
V19 Brock Rae
V25 Liam Russell
V26 Brad Malone
V27 Jack Nolan (Rookie)
V28 Riley Amato
S32 Aaron Cook
V32 Matt Turner
N33 Jac Laneyrie
V35 Dean Ellston
V37 James McDonald
SQ39 Brodie Davis
V42 Jett Bell
SA44 Josh Munn
V46 Will Carroll
V47 Tim Rankin
V48 Ryan O'Keefe
V58 Max Owen
V62 Stephen Malone
V69 Chad Bell
T71 Dylan Beveridge
V71 Kurt Dunham
V72 Declan Robinson
V76 Jordy Langdon
V77 Jake Hose
V93 Alex Ryan
V94 Steven Bailey
V95 Dale Sinclair

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