Smee, Rae and Symons Tame Open Wheel Mayhem Night-59570

Smee, Rae and Symons Tame Open Wheel Mayhem Night

The Beasley Memorial Speedcar A-Main soon became a Nathan Smee Clinic as he worked all pockets of Sungold Stadium enroute to his maiden victory in the time-honored event.

Smee took the win from Nick Parker who was stout in second place, with Robert Heard capping of a great night with a podium finish. Matt Jackson and Andy Pearce rounded out a classy top five.

Jordan Rae won the Formula 500 Dash for Cash event, from Dylan Beveridge and Dylan Willsher.

Matthew Symons meanwhile buried some Premier Speedway Demons with a solid victory in Round 3 of the Wingless Sprint Summer Slam Series.

Symons led South Australia’s Jack McCarthy and Ryan Furler.

The quick results of the full program are as follows:


Heat One: 1st N40 Dave Lambert; 2nd S57 Robert Heard; 3rd V10 Travis Mills.

Heat Two: 1st S6 Andy Pearce; 2nd N14 Nathan Smee; 3rd V39 Nick Parker.

Heat Three: 1st N14 Nathan Smee; 2nd V9 Matt Jackson; 3rd V17 Mitch Whiting.

Heat Four: 1st V39 Nick Parker; 2nd V71 Domain Ramsay; 3rd V10 Travis Mills.

Speedcar A-Main (20 laps No Time): 1st N14 Nathan Smee; 2nd V39 Nick Parker; 3rd S57 Robert Heard; 4th V9 Matt Jackson; 5th S6 Andy Pearce; 6th N40 Jay Waugh; 7th V10 Travis Mills; 8th V71 Domain Ramsay; 9th V17 Mitch Whiting; 10th V3 Dillon Ghent; 11th N32 Daniel Paterson; 12th V72 Damian Bishop; 13th V25 Matt Papa; 14th V6 Matthew Brown; 15th 10m Caleb Mills; 16th 9NT Garth Thompson.

Wingless Sprints:

Heat One: 1st A1 Kyle Mock; 2nd VX89 Christopher Temby; 3rd VX62 Kasey Garlick.

Heat Two: 1st V79 Clint McLaren; 2nd V53 Samantha Miller; 3rd V67 Chris Halesworth.

Heat Three: 1st N41 Jason Bates; 2nd S5 Joel Chadwick; 3rd V1 Alex Ross.

Heat Four: 1st VX34 Adin Robertson; 2nd V10 Will Scott; 3rd V98 Peter Logue.

Heat Five: 1st VX64 Brett Pope; 2nd S1 Tyson Martin; 3rd V11 Matthew Symons.

Heat Six: 1st V33 Luke Storer; 2nd VX43 Ben Kirby; 3rd V95 Geoff Cook.

Heat Seven: 1st S23 Jack McCarthy; 2nd V79 Clint McLaren; 3rd N41 Jason Bates.

Heat Eight: 1st V1 Alex Ross; 2nd V93 Travis Miller; 3rd S5 Joel Chadwick.

Heat Nine: 1st S25 Ryan Furler; 2nd V4 Carly Walsh; 3rd S1 Tyson Martin.

Heat Ten: 1st V11 Matthew Symons; 2nd VX89 Christopher Temby; 3rd V60 Steven Hateley.

B-Main 1 (6 to Transfer): 1st V97 Blake Walsh; 2nd V53 Samantha Miller; 3rd VX32 Chris Ansell; 4th VX62 Kasey Garlick; 5th VX3 Reece Harris; 6th V10 Will Scott; 7th V8 Boyd Harris; 8th VX41 Aaron Kennett; 9th V64 Brittany Kuypers; 10th VX45 Kerry Bright; 11th V39 Tyson Benson; 12th VX70 Greg Hill; 13th VX92 Brayden McKay; 14th VX44 Glen Harris; 15th VX88 Esther Thompson; 16th S81 Kahn Aston.

B-Main 2 (6 to Transfer): 1st S86 Kirby Hillier; 2nd N58 Luke Sayre; 3rd V17 Andy Hibbert; 4th V95 Geoff Cook; 5th V49 Jake Dooley; 6th V84 Jake Warren; 7th V31 Mick Rigby; 8th VX99 Hayden Clifford; 9th VX84 Brad Warren; 10th V20 Thomas McDonald; 11th VX68 Kim-Loong Gosling; 12th V71 Leigh Estlick; 13th VX65 Tyler O’Leary; 14th V14 Rick Bailey; 15th V22 Craig McDonald; 16th V52 Scott Irons; 17th V34 Shaun Farnsworth; 18th VX81 Nathaniel Smith.

A-Main (30 laps): 1st V11 Matthew Symons; 2nd S23 Jack McCarthy; 3rd S26 Ryan Furler; 4th VX89 Christopher Temby; 5th S1 Tyson Martin; 6th S5 Joel Chadwick; 7th A1 Kyle Mock; 8th V93 Travis Millar; 9th N41 Jason Bates; 10th S86 Kirby Hillier; 11th VX34 Adin Robertson; 12th V97 Blake Walsh; 13th VX43 Ben Kirby; 14th V45 Bhoe Paterson; 15th V4 Carly Walsh; 16th V53 Samantha Miller; 17th V33 Luke Storer; 18th VX64 Brett Pope; 19th VX32 Chris Ansell; 20th V79 Clint McLaren; 21st V1 Alex Ross; 22nd V17 Andy Hibbert; 23rd N58 Luke Sayre; 24th V60 Steven Hateley.

Formula 500’s:

Qualifying One: 1. T71 Dylan Beveridge 13.232; 2. V58 Max Owen 13.287; 3. V4 Jack Bell 13.298; 4. V9 Jordan Rae 13.358; 5. SA44 Josh Munn 13.396; 6. N17 Blake Matthews 13.457; 7. V17 Indy Rae 13.470; 8. V28 Riley Amato 13.474; 9. V19 Brock Rae 13.485; 10. V72 Declan Robertson 13.505; 11. V94 Bailey Stephens 13.567; 12. V27 Jack Nolan 13.793; 13. V35 Jesse Ellston 13.948; 14. S32 Aaron Cook 14.085; 15. V10 Ben Telindert 14.568.

Qualifying Two: 1. V6 Dylan Willsher 13.261; 2. V37 James McDonald 13.308; 3. V14 Jett Speed 13.347; 4. V46 Will Carroll 13.493; 5. SA39 Brodie Davis 13.509; 6. V62 Stephen Malone 13.533; 7. V18 Jerome Speed 13.543; 8. V26 Bradley Malone 13.551; 9. V95 Dale Sinclair 13.603; 10. V2 Angus Hollis 13.611; 11. V71 Kurt Dunham 13.626; 12. V77 Jake Hose 13.693; 13. V25 Liam Russell 13.702; 14. V93 Alex Ryan 13.776; 15. G7 Tim Randell 13.834.

Heat One: 1st V187 Indy Rae; 2nd V9 Jordan Rae; 3rd T71 Dylan Beveridge.

Heat Two: 1st V6 Dylan Willsher; 2nd V93 Alex Ryan; 3rd V71 Kurt Dunham.

B-Main (12 Laps): 1. V37 James McDonald; 32. SA44 Josh Munn; 3. SQ39 Brodie Davis; 4. N17 Blake Matthews; 5. V2 Angus Hollis; 6. V95 Dale Sinclair; 7. V77 Jake Hose; 8. S32 Aaron Cook; 9. V27 Jack Nolan; 10. V35 Jesse Ellston; 11. V14 Jett Speed.

A-Main (20 Laps): 1. V9 Jordan Rae; 2. T71 Dylan Beveridge; 3. V6 Dylan Willsher; 4. V58 Max Owen; 5. V17 Indy Rae; 6. V37 James McDonald; 7. V28 Riley Amato; 8. SQ39 Brodie Davis; 9. V2 Angus Hollis; 10. V93 Alex Ryan; 11. V26 Bradley Malone; 12. V95 Dale Sinclair; 13. SA44 Josh Munn; 14. N17 Blake Matthews; 15. V62 Stephen Malone; 16. V77 Jake Hose; 17. V18 Jerome Speed; 18. V19 Brock Rae; 19. G7 Tim Randell; 20. V94 Bailey Stephens; 21. S32 Aaron Cook; 22. V71 Kurt Dunham; 23. V72 Declan Robinson; 24. V25 Liam Russell.

The next meeting at Sungold Stadium, Premier Speedway, Warrnambool will be held on January 21, 22 & 23, 2022 and will feature the South West Conveyancing Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic.

Gates will open at 3pm with Racing to get underway at 5pm.

Tickets are available on-line via the Premier Speedway website or at the gates on race day.

Please see for more information.

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