Late Entries Bolsters Classic Line-Up-59577

Late Entries Bolsters Classic Line-Up

As announced last night the original Classic field of 75 was sure to increase with a number of verbal commitments having been made by some travelling teams. The names that have seen the entry list climb to 81 certainly add some spice to the 49th South West Conveyancing Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic.

The additions include Knoxville Raceway Track Champion Ian Madsen, two-time Classic Champion Steven Lines, Ryan Jones, Jack Lee, Jake Smith and Eddie Lumbar.

Luckless Tasmanian, Adam Garwood, has been forced to withdraw.

The step in the process is the all- important seeding to determine which cars will contest which night of qualifying. This will be updated in the coming days, so please keep an eye on the Premier Speedway Facebook page and Website for updates.

In some other exciting news, booking are now being taken for the Classic Breakfast which has already attracted some big name guests!

Tickets are $30 and the Brekkie will be held at the Wannon Rooms, Warrnambool Greyhound racing Club on Friday January 21, 2022 from 9.30am until 11.00am.

To book please call the Premier Speedway office during business hours on (03) 5565 1789.

The current entry list is:

A1 Jamie Veal
V2 Domain Ramsay
Q3 Karl Hoffmans
S3 Ben Morris
V3 Darren Mollenoyux
NS4 Ian Madsen
S4 Lisa Walker
V6 Cameron Waters
N7 Robbie Farr
NQ7 Lachlan McHugh
T7 Tim Hutchins
V7 Paul Solomon
V8 Bobby Daly
N10 Luke Stirton
V10 Steven Loader
VA11 Phil Micallef
S13 Brock Hallett
S14 Brendan Quinn
N15 Luke Thomas
V17 Dennis Jones
W17 James McFadden
S20 Glen Sutherland
NS21 Jordyn Brazier
T22 Jock Goodyer
VA22 Leigh Mugavin
S24 Ricky Maiolo
V25 Jack Lee
Q27 Cody Maroske
S27 Daniel Pestka
V27 Ross Jarred
V28 Andrew Hughes
V29 Michael Tancredi
VA29 Terry Rankin
V30 Michael Coad
N32 Warren Ferguson
Q33 Callum Walker
V34 Brenten Farrer
N36 Eddie Lumbar
VA36 Ashley Cook
S37 Terry Kelly
V37 Grant Anderson
S38 Lachlan McDonough
N40 Chris McInerney
V40 Rusty Hickman
N43 Alex Orr
V44 Tim Van Ginneken
V45 Steven Lines
N47 Marcus Dumesny
N48 Jackson Delamont
V48 Adam King
V51 Peter Milnes
S52 Matt Egel
V56 James Aranyosi
N57 Matt Dumesny
V57 Troy Hose
VA57 Harrison Swan
V60 Jordyn Charge
T62 Tate Frost
S63 Ryan Jones
V63 Kevin Reeves
Q66 Ryan Newton
V68 Brett Milburn
V70 John Vogels
N72 Coby Elliott
VA72 Marlin Carrigan-Walsh
V72 Jacob Smith
VA73 Matt Swan
V75 Mitch Smith
VA75 David Donegan
V78 Chris Campbell
S81 Luke Dillon
V81 Robbie Paton
VA81 Rhys Baxter
VA88 Grant Stansfield
V89 Jamie Heyen
V90 Corey McCullagh
V92 Matthew Reed
VA96 Dayn Bentvelzen
S97 David Murcott
V98 Peter Doukas
N99 Carson Macedo

The 2022 South West Conveyancing Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic is supported by KFC, Performance Racegear, Fitz Media Productions, The Lady Bay Resort, GJ Gardner Homes and KRE Race Engines and will be held from Friday January 21, 2022, through to Sunday January 23, 2022.

Tickets for the Classic are currently available via with three- and single-night ticket options available.

Copies of the 2022 Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic entry form are still available for download from the Premier Speedway website

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