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Posted on 15 Jan, 2024

Official Release: Premier Speedway


Carson Macedo added to his outstanding performance in Australia by securing his third consecutive victory, this time at Sungold Stadium on a Sunday evening, showcasing his dominance.


The much-anticipated return of the All Star Sprintcar series to Premier Speedway, accompanied by the thrilling presence of Junior Formula 500s, unfolded on a night presented by Go Traffic.


Navigating from qualifying to elbows-up heat racing, Dyson Motorsports’ own Carson Macedo demonstrated his command in the midst of a competitive field, featuring both American contenders and seasoned All-Star series participants.


The evening featured a two-heat format, treating fans to a second round of heats where the quickest drivers began from the rear.


The 20-lap A-main race commenced with local hero Jamie Veal on the pole alongside Bendigo’s Rusty Hickman, setting the stage.


As the green flag dropped, Jamie Veal took an early lead, skilfully navigating through early lap traffic. The race saw noteworthy performances from Chase Randall and Daniel Pestka, who made impressive moves through the mid-pack in the opening laps.


A pivotal moment occurred with 11 laps to go when a caution provided Carson Macedo with the opportunity to strategize his approach for the lead.


Demonstrating his status among the world’s elite, Macedo strategically shadowed Veal for 10 and a half laps before orchestrating a decisive move on the final corner.


Securing a rescheduled Round 3 of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series, Carson Macedo claimed his third consecutive victory in Victoria since Friday night. In addition to the victory, he pocketed an extra $4,000, bringing his earnings to just under thirty thousand dollars in a remarkable 72-hour span.


Despite Jamie Veal’s nearly flawless performance and a substantial advantage on the last restart, Macedo claimed the crucial final lap, securing his victory and relegating Veal to a second-place finish.


Rusty Hickman, the current series leader, actively pursued Veal for second place before ultimately falling to Macedo in a mouthwatering battle, settling for a third-place finish. Hickman continues his consistent podium finishes in each round of the series.


In addition to the main event, the night featured a spectacular display of talent from the junior F500s. Rowdy Andreatta secured a feature win, supported by two heat victories, outpacing Koby O’Shannassy for second place, while Hugo Chivell claimed the third spot.


A special thanks to Go Traffic for their partnership in presenting this event.


Our focus now shifts to The Flying Horse 2024 Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic scheduled for January 19th, 20th, and 21st.


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