Posted by Michael
Posted on 27 Nov, 2022

Premier Speedway has now launched a new online platform to collect nominations for the club’s key events.

Replacing manual forms, the platform will be used for Sprintcar events, including Max’s Race (December 17, 2022) and the South West Conveyancing Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic (January 27-29, 2023).

The platform enables more efficient reach and completion for teams, who can complete instantly, even from their mobile device if they wish, said Premier Speedway General Manager Michael Parry. Collecting nominations electronically also enables Premier Speedway to timely keep our fans updated on who is attending.

The Premier Speedway website has recently undergone a refresh with more features to be added including nomination lists on the home page for the upcoming event.

Nominations are now open for Max’s Race

Teams please click here to nominate

Nominations for the 50th anniversary of South West Conveyancing Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic will open Friday December 2.

January 1 Clay-Per-View Sprintcar Speedweek nominations will be via a separate site, catering for the complete Speedweek series.  Please stay tuned to our media channels for further advice.

For other SRA sanctioned Sprintcar events, nominations will be collected via the usual SRA process.

For any queries please contact Premier Speedway General Manager Michael Parry